Well Done You Lot!

Do you remember this sculpture? And the raffle we held in January this year?


The sculpture was made by local teenager Flora, and we were helping her to raise money for a trip to Malawi, where she wanted to run a summer craft school for local children.

Well you lovely bunch raised nearly £300.00 and donated lots of craft materials. So thank you for your generosity and here are a few photos from the trip and message from Flora...

"I went to Malawi for three weeks in July this year volunteering at an orphanage to care for the smallest children under two years, as well as organising a craft day with some secondary school students to give them the opportunity to explore their creativity. Many generous Exmouth locals donated supplies for the day and the students made amazing crafts with the most basic of supplies, from doilies crocheted using wool and pencils, to a boy who made a whole shirt! A huge thank-you to INC for their support in helping me raise the money needed to do all of this." Flora

Summer School in Mtunthama, Malawi(2)