Meet: Filberts of Dorset

Filberts of Dorset Gift Tin


Here is another amazing business, it has been growing and developing for over 10 years, and now offers a beautiful range of skincare and gifts, all 100% natural and made in the UK. Filberts of Dorset is a small family run business based in the heart of West Dorset. Bees are at the heart of this business, which produces everything from start to finish; managing the hives, harvesting the honey and wax, and producing a range of delightful gifts. Pure, unprocessed honey comes from around 100 colonies, which pollinate local fruit orchards and farm crops. Surplus beeswax is transformed into a range of skin care and home care products, using high quality, 100% natural ingredients. All of their products are made in the UK and are free from mineral oils, synthetic colourings, fragrances or artificial preservatives. Choose Filberts of Dorset and directly help the survival of British honeybees.


How did they go from beekeeping to skincare manufacturers? Well, let me tell you! In 2005, chief beekeeper Mark needed a moisturizer to protect his hands while using beekeeping gloves all day. Unfortunately for Mark, bees are picky little critters, and took a severe dislike to the standard moisturizers on the market resulting in lots of stings. During an aborted attempt to make a delicious nutrition bar (which tasted foul, stuck to your teeth and was indigestible), when cleaning the cooking utensils, the answer was found around the inside of the pan. The mixture of oils and wax were the perfect base for a natural, moisturising balm, which didn’t upset the delicate little bees. After some research, lots of trial and error and a fair bit of mess, the original Hand Salve became a fully tested and assured product for Mark to sell.

Filberts of Dorset was officially set up in 2008. Further recipes were concocted and Natural beeswax lip balms, salves, butters and polishes came into being over the next few years. We are delighted to bring you a range of their best selling gifts. And if you like them, we’ll get even more of their products into the shop!